Well Drilling Process


Site Survey & Estimate
First we will go to your site and do a survey to determine where your well is going to be, how far we need to drill, and if any special equipment needs to be installed. This process takes 1 day and we will prepare an estimate after this initial step.

Contracts & Permits
Once the estimate has been agreed upon, we'll present you with a contract outlining what work we need to do in order to drill your well and install any necessary equipment. At this time we take a deposit that will be applied to the total bill amount. Once this is taken care of, we'll fill out the necessary paperwork to receive a well drilling permit for your site. We also hire an independent company to mark out all utilities and underground lines for safety reasons. This process may take up to 5 days.

Drilling Process

Drilling Process

Once we get on site, we'll begin to prepare the well. To protect your lawn, we will usually put down a pad or plate in order to back our drilling truck up to the well's planned location.

After we align and raise the derrick on the back of our drilling truck, we can begin to drill to the depth required for your well.

Well Casing, Screen & Gravel Pack
The next step is to install the 4 inch PVC well casing that will contain and protect the well. At the bottom of the well casing, we install a well screen, and gravel pack in order to keep debris and contaminates out of the pump.

Once the casing is in place, we pour grout around the outside of the well casing in order to prevent contaminates from seeping into the well.

Pump/Tank Installation
After the grout has begun to set, we'll install the submersible electric well pump and tank. This pump will take ground water and supply it to the surface via a feed line.

At this point the well is ready for inspection. Sometimes the inspection process can take a few days, and during this time we must wait to backfill the well and trench dug to run the feed line and electrical cable powering the submersible pump. Once the inspection passes, we can backfill the well and you'll be able to enjoy your new well!